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Bulcote Parish in its entirety has been designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning by  Newark and Sherwood District Council.  Since early 2017 a Steering Group has been working with Helen Metcalfe, a local professional town planner, to guide the Group through the process.

For information on the benefits of a local neighbourhood plan go here. 

Steering Group Members
  • Nick Leaves (Steering Group Chairman)


T: 07968 227989

  • Keith Simpson

  • Thelma Aris

  • Peter Jackson

  • Phil Parten

  • Keith Sharkey


The Neighbourhood Plan was passed at referendum with a 53% turnout and a 90% vote in favour.

Relevant documents are available to view by clicking below

Referendum Result

Notice of Referendum

Information Statement

The Independent Examiner's report is available here


Please see details at

The Vision for the Village is:


In 15 years’ time Bulcote Parish will remain an historic, rural and peaceful area. It will value its residents, the open spaces within the village that are integral to its character and the green fields that surround it.

Bulcote will still be a safe, family-friendly community. It will be a beautiful, healthier place to live with easy and immediate access to the countryside and the river.

Bulcote residents are always welcome to attend Neighbourhood Plan meetings.

  • Mike Simmonds

  • Stephen Storr

  • Carl Springthorpe

  • Mick Tobin

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