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The Plan will now go to N&SDC 
To be finally incorporated into planning policy.
The Referendum on the Plan is now COMPLETE
The Plan was voted on 6th May 2021 with 90% in favour and a 53% turnout. See Referendum page
The Independent Examination of the Plan is now COMPLETE
The independent examination of the Neighbourhood Plan was completed on 16th December 2019. The Examiner's report can be found here.
The Plan has now been passed back to N&SDC.  They will update the Plan and propose it to the full N&S Council. The village
referendum was proposed to be undertaken in conjunction with local elections in May 2020 for the Police and Crime Commisioner.  However due to the Covid 19 pandemic these have been postponed until 6th May 2021 at the earliest.  The good news is however, that the Neighbourhood Plan can be given significant weight in decision-making in the planning process.
Regulation 16 Consultation by N&SDC  is now CLOSED
The Newark and Sherwood District Council Regulation 16 consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan closed on  24th October 2019.
Comments from the consultees have been responded to and the Plan has been reviewed by the Independent Examiner.
Please see details at

Regulation 14 Consultation Survey is now CLOSED

The Bulcote Statutory Consultation period for the Bulcote Neighbourhood Plan opened on Monday April 1st 2019 and closed on Friday May 31st 2019

The final Consultation Statement is here


Regulation 14 Consultation comprised:

  • A mail drop to all residential addresses in the Village. Residents are invited to view The Plan and the Bulcote Design Guide on this website.

  • An invitation to residents to look at paper copies of the documents from the Steering Group if they could not access the internet. The letter residents received is here.

  • Residents that are subscribed to receive updates on the Village website will receive a notice of the consultation period and pointed to these web pages.

  • An explanatory letter and link to the draft Plan and Design Guide are being sent to Statutory Bodies including utility providers, Nottinghamshire County Council and Newark and Sherwood District Council.

  • Other local stakeholders are also encouraged to comment. The letter to local stakeholders is here.

  • An open invitation to any interested party to attend drop in sessions at Bulcote Farm Rooms was sent for Saturday April 27th 2019 at 2pm OR Monday 27th May 2019 at 2pm. Members of the Steering Group will be available with copies of the Neighbourhood Plan to discuss any matters relating to it. The poster is here.

  • An open invitation to any interested party to comment on the Plan and the Plan Policies via online survey (NOW CLOSED)

  • All consultation was reviewed and incorporated into the Consultation Statement

  • Newark and Sherwood District Council consulted with Natural England and The Environment Agency for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA screening). The SEA screening result is here   

Village Consultation via advance questionnaire prior to development of the Neighbourhood Plan:

  • In February 2018 a Village Survey was distributed to all residences in the Village (click here)

  • The survey results were analysed (click here)

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