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Those residents who previously objected to the proposals will have received a letter from Newark & Sherwood District Council advising of further information submitted by the applicant in the form of an Enabling Development Executive Summary. The Viability Assessment, which supports the need for an enabling development of 48 new dwellings to offset the cost of refurbishing and converting the existing farm buildings, is a fundamental part of the applicants case for approval. The Viability Assessment, which has apparently been independently verified, has not been made available for public scrutiny, hence the reason for the Executive Summary. The Parish Council intend to fully respond to the Executive Summary with our continued objections to the enabling development and a summary of our objections will be made available to those wishing to respond. Although the date for responding was specified as the 23rd August 2018 the Parish Council have argued that this is too short a time period given that we are in the holiday period and an extension has been granted.

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