Fly Tipping in Bulcote

Four black bags apparently containing garden waste have been dumped into the drainage ditch close to the culvert opposite Ivy House. Notwithstanding the anti social behavior of whoever carried this out, it also creates a potential flood risk if the ditch were to become blocked as a result. If anyone has any information as to the who may be responsible, please contact a member of the Parish Council or inform Newark & Sherwood District Council via their website under the heading Fly Tipping.

British Legion Poppy Appeal

Bulcote Village supported this years Poppy Appeal with a number of lamp post poppies. Due to the positive response from residents it is hoped to add more poppies, throughout the village next year.

Bulcote Garage Site

A planning application has now been lodged for the development of the Bulcote Garage Site (Burton Joyce Car Sales). Whilst supporting the development of the site, the Parish Council have objected to the proposals on a number of counts, but primarily in regard to the scale and massing of the development which is considered to be overwhelming. This view has been supported by Newark & Sherwood District Councils Conservation Officer. Any residents opposed to the proposal are encouraged to raise there objections with NSDC in writing or via the planning website.

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