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A New Book About Burton Joyce and Bulcote

Twenty-five years after publication of its last local history book, the Burton Joyce & Bulcote Local History Society has produced an exciting new volume entitled ‘A Tale of Two Villages’. Written by our expert historian Mary Gardiner, it covers the historical development of the village through many of its notable as well as lesser known personalities. From Saxon and Norman beginnings to Victorian and Edwardian characters, Mary has delved deep into the village archives and uncovered a wealth of detail that makes really interesting reading.

Mary has contributed cameos of her ‘personalities’ to the local Parish Magazine for several years. This publication brings all these together in one attractive volume that will delight lovers of local history and grace any coffee table or bookcase. It is also a tribute to the author’s work. As a founder member of the History Society back in 1979, and its archivist since that year, her work is unlikely ever to be surpassed in creating such a detailed village history. It is the culmination of her lifetime’s interest in village history and the people who make it – those who live in it.

Students of local history will be fascinated by the many references, and details of the lives of past residents of all classes, it is a remarkable history of the evolution of the two villages .

Copies can be ordered, price £14.99 + £3 p&p from or purchased at The Bookcase, Main Street, Lowdham

Since the formation of the Society in 1979 we have always been the Burton Joyce & Bulcote Local History Society, but for several years now there has only been one member who is a Bulcote resident. The Society would appreciate any new members from the village who might also be interested in representing the community there.

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