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Bulcote Farm Development

The proposals to develop Bulcote Farm were put before the Planning Committee on the 5th February 2019 with a recommendation for refusal on the grounds of inadequate highway access. All members of the Parish Council attended the meeting and our County Councillor Roger Jackson and Keith Simpson, Chair of Bulcote Parish Council spoke in objection to the application.

The impression from the Planning Committee was that they accepted that the development was too intensive. But they agreed to defer any decision so that a more robust objection could be considered, that would defend against any appeal that the applicant may seek to lodge on the issue of a refusal. At present the refusal is based upon inadequate highway access, but other considerations might include development within the Green Belt and potential flooding issues etc. Clarification of our understanding has been sought from the planning officer. There is also the potential that the applicant may come back with alternative proposals. It is anticipated that the application will return to Committee within a cuople of months.

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